Rock Springs Residents – Tim & Susie

Written by RJT Intern, Alex Ginter

“We moved to be closer to our grandkids.”

Tim and Susie moved to Rock Springs in 2016 after living in Evansville, Indiana. They decided the commute to see their three granddaughters was too great, so they built a house in Rock Springs with Jaha Homes.

They enjoy the privacy of their wooded lot. The trees shade their back patio area where they enjoy coffee most mornings.


The home is an open floor plan with the kitchen and family room at the center. Tim and Susie agreed that the kitchen is their favorite space to spend time together. Even when the grandkids come over, they love to hang out in the kitchen as well.


Surprising6N8A0850ly, their second favorite space in the house is the master bathroom. The spacious area features two vanities, a marble tub and spacious walk-in shower. What makes this room so special is the art displayed on the walls and in the window. Tim and Susie love vacationing at the beach and wanted to recreate that seaside ambiance in their home. In their free time, Tim enjoys designing stained glass pieces and Susie created her art with seashells to hang on the wall. The pieces are proudly and beautifully displayed in the bathroom.

This was the first home Tim and Susie built for themselves. They said, “Working with Jaha was so easy. Everything turned out really, really well.” Their experience with living in Rock Springs so far has been perfect. The couple also loves the fact that shopping and dining are just a mile up the road. Tim specifically said having Interstate 265 (the Gene Snyder Freeway) completed is an added bonus to living in Louisville’s east end. Making the move to Louisville was a huge decision for Tim and Susie, but the increased time spent with family has made it all worthwhile.

“Everything we need is right here.” -Susie